Want to commission me for personal and unique hand pulled print(s)? On occasion I have slots open in my busy schedule to create custom pieces of printmaking. I also am available to do printing of fine art prints, as well as doing custom woodworking for sculptures and prints. A variety of pieces in my galleries are also commissioned works. I need to pay the bills and commissions allow that. Below are the rates of my works.

The price of a print varies on what you would like to receive. All prices include packing and shipping prints from my studio to your doorstep worldwide. The basic price of a commission is non negotiable. More colors/plates will increase the price in $25 increments. The basic size of a print is no larger than a standard US letter format (8 ½” x 11″.) Larger sized prints are negotiable as well, but have to inquire by e-mail to establish a price since my personal press is limited in size. I have to work in a shared print studio space where they charge a fee to use their time and presses. All images for printmaking commissions are always negotiable and can be mixed with several printmaking techniques in order to create multiple color prints. I do not ship the original matrix of the print and keep them in my personal portfolio. Note that I reserve the right to refuse commissions due to the fact that some techniques in printmaking are very time consuming.

Basic Relief/Woodcut print: $250
Base woodcut package includes;
– One Artist Proof / B.A.T. print
– Five signed and numbered prints on Kozo or Okawara paper
– Choice of 3 colors maximum

Basic Etched print: $350
Base etching package includes;
– One Artist Proof / B.A.T. print
– Five signed and numbered prints on BFK Rives rag paper
– Choice of 3 colors maximum

Basic Stone lithography print: $350
Base lithography package includes;
– One Artist Proof / B.A.T. print
– Five signed and numbered prints on BFK Rives rag paper
– Choice of 2 color maximum

Printing that matrix for you;
Do you have a woodcut, or even fancier an etched/engraved wood, zinc, copper or plastic plate engraved by one of those fancy laser cutters at maker labs, tech shops or Universities and don’t know how to use a press? Or is the process of printing too messy and/or frustrating? I am available for hire as a printmaker by the hour as well. My base rate starts at $25 per hour for a single color printing range. This rate excludes material fees for inks and printing papers. You can contact me and talk about what you need to get printed and on what type of materials. You can also supply the materials (ink and paper/fabric) as needed for your project. My base rate is non-negotiable. Most projects take a minimum of 3 hours in order to create a print of 10 editions.

One-on-One printmaking instructions;
Want to get familiar with printmaking techniques that are available at the School of Visual Philosophy? Can’t find that desired class you really want to try your hands on sooner rather than later on our scheduled calendar classes and workshops? I’m available for hire as a personal instructor at an hourly rate of $25 per hour to teach you the basics of how we process and print intaglio prints as well as relief prints with all the tools and equipment that are available at the Co-Op Print Shop of the School of Visual Philosophy. You have to provide payment to rent the shop (daily, weekly and monthly rates are available for purchase,) all equipment will be included in the rent and I am qualified to guide you through on how to use the presses so you can come back in the future and use the presses and printing space on your own. Most instruction sessions take a minimum of 3 hours. Students are allowed to take reference pictures and movies for personal use only.

Need a custom sized pedestal for your sculpture? Want that commissioned print mounted in its own special shadow box? On occasion I am available to work on making that custom sized pedestal or a custom cut shadow box with archival supplies for that hand pulled print. My base rate starts at $30 per hour, excluding material fees. You can supply the materials and dimensions needed, or we can discuss fees for materials I can purchase through my local lumber supplier. My base rate is non-negotiable. Most projects take a minimum of 5 hours.

The School of Visual Philosophy has a Fine Art Foundry with the facility of wax gating, ceramic investment, bronze and aluminum pouring. For a base rate of $40 per hour, I am willing to spend time to do wax gating and/or ceramic investment & wiring work. Depending on the size of the sculpture, most projects take a minimum of 6 hours to create a well working top and/or bottom pour system. For ceramic investment dipping, the process requires a minimum of 10 dips and for bronze casting it is highly recommended to wire the shell after the 5th or 6th dip. This slurry and silica process therefor requires a minimum of 12 hours for a piece to be entirely finished, dried and ready to cast. The hourly fee goes to the Philosophy Foundry and is not negotiable. Please visit the Foundry website for more information and images here:

Contact me through my e-mail at jubatajuno AT gmail DOT com with the subject “Printmaking/Woodworking commission proposal” in order to establish a commission. Or you could always visit me during business hours on Tuesdays or Fridays at the School of Visual Philosophy to discuss commission work.