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My name is Karin Barend. I am a fine art prints and sculptural artist who uses several mediums to explore a large range of visual interpretations. Many of my pieces are informed by my personal experience as an immigrant. Throughout my life I have been traveling and living in several countries all over the world. The constant changing scenery, languages and friendships are what keeps me inspired to create and be creative. The very process of creating art enables me to translate my thoughts. Sometimes the creation of an art piece exists solely to create personal solace and happiness. Other times it allows me to put on to paper, canvas or stone that which is hard for me to convey in words. Whether it is through fandom based arts or original pieces of arts, I constantly aspire to learn, evolve and share my pieces with those who want to wander along. It was in my student years at the College of Wooster where I started my main body of printmaking pieces, with my Senior Independent Study in 2013 as my strongest body of art as a career student. The didactic written for my gallery to the Senior I.S. presentation reflects the way I work and engage through my art.

Senior Independent Study Didact

Tussen Droom en Werkelijkheid
(Between Dream and Reality)
Karin Barend ‘13
May 6, 2013
Studio Art

Tussen Droom en Werkelijkheid is an artistic interpretation of fantasy fairytale images which question my socio-cultural experiences as an immigrant. My images reflect the collaboration between myself as an artist and writer Megan Noël Wilber. The process of this independent study was accomplished through the act of creating prints from characters who inhabit the fantasy world of Abinasia. Researching the meaning and interpretation of fairytales while simultaneously looking at works by printmakers assisted my progress in creating images and prints. My method includes my choice of wood, copper and zinc plates to create my images through the printmaking processes of relief and intaglio. My final product is an exhibition of prints that explore and articulate the sociological situations of an immigrant. My prints encourage viewers to engage and think about using fantasy settings to explore cultural differences. My process of printmaking enabled me to create images that represent my artistic expression of Abinasia.



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